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Stupp Rotator One

Our rail-served facility near the deep water port of Baton Rouge provides easy access for both domestic and international clients.

Stupp Rotator Two

Stupp’s continual capital investments are designed to reduce time-to-market and exceed current coating specifications.

Stupp Rotator Three

Stupp Coatings’ high FBE production capacity provides our customers the greatest possible scheduling flexibility.

Stupp Rotator Four

Services include on-site internal flow efficiency coating and application of liquid corrosion coatings, including abrasion resistant overlays.

Since 1994, Stupp Coatings has been a trusted source of coating services for major oil and gas pipeline projects in North America and beyond. Based in the heart of oil and gas country, our Baton Rouge, Louisiana, coating facility is adjacent to Stupp Corporation’s HFW and SAWH pipe mills, providing a comprehensive solution for high quality line pipe with proven corrosion resistance.

Stupp Coatings’ high-capacity plant offers the fusion bond epoxy (FBE), abrasion resistant overlay (ARO), and internal flow coatings you need to extend the life of your pipeline — and maximize its efficiency. Our expertise translates to the field through the application of liquid corrosion coatings. Stupp’s location near the deep water port of Baton Rouge coupled with direct rail and truck access is designed to provide a convenient route for both incoming and outgoing pipe — whatever the source.

Partner with Stupp Coatings for the experience, quality, and scheduling flexibility you need to streamline your next project.

Coating Type OD (in) Thickness (mils) Length (feet)
FBE 10 to 48 10 to 40 25 to 80
ARO 10 to 48 20 to 60 25 to 80
Internal Flow 16 to 42 1.5 to 4 25 to 80
CWC 12 to 42 1" to 6" 35 to 45

*Max allowable thickness determined by manufacturer’s specification. Pipe flexibility decreases as thicker coating is applied